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# Pulls data from a remote cron2rss host. Syncs the remote data directory to `data-$source` and places links to the task into the `data` folder as `$task-$source`. Assumptions: - this repo is in ~/cron/ - cron2rss on remote host is at ~/cron2rss/ To limit the risk of host-hopping if one host is hacked, we use a ssh key that is limited to `rsync`ing the data files from the remote host. Set this up like written in [Restricting SSH Access to `rsync`]( # generated a ssh key ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/cron2rss-copy_data -C "cron2rss copy data" # copy key to remote host scp ~/.ssh/ user@source:.ssh/ # continue on remote host ssh user@source # set up rrsync on remote host cp /usr/share/doc/rsync-*/support/rrsync ~/bin/ # CentOS # add restricted ssh key to authorized_keys cat <(echo -n 'command="$HOME/bin/rrsync -ro ~/cron2rss/",no-agent-forwarding,no-port-forwarding,no-pty,no-user-rc,no-X11-forwarding ') \ ~/.ssh/ # go back to pulling host exit You now can use `@hourly ~/cron/ user@source`. Add it to your crontab using `./ data-from user@source`.